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henna by noor
Our Vision

"I want to see the world through your eyes and I want you to see the world through mine. "

" I find therapy in all forms of arts I do, whether it's on canvas or on human skin, there's always a purpose"

Noor Moghrabi is a full-time mother of two children - a ten year-old and seven year-old. Ever since she was a child, Noor felt that being creative is the most natural and satisfying way of making her way through the world. Today. she does fine art paintings, natural henna, jagua body art, PMU (permanent make up), and medical tattooing.

Noor learned art from watching her mother oil paint and using her mother's art books and tools. In 2012, Noor moved to Michigan and began her painting journey using acrylic paint.  Now she has learned more skills that has helped her develop a unique style to create her pieces. 


In 2013, she began practicing henna on herself and family members. She discovered her love of henna art as a way to adorn women's bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations, or just for the love of body art.  Her talents and passion have turned into her new small business. Noor makes her henna paste at home with all natural and organic ingredients. Also, the natural jagua (which is imported) is extracted from the fruit Genipa Americana.

Noor started working at Nadyb beauty bar in Dearborn, MI in 2018. She offered her body art services there while finishing her Associate's degree in Liberal arts at Henry Ford Community College. A few months later, she decided to learn PMU (permanent make up) services, which include lip blush, ombre brows, eyeliner, beauty marks, and 3D areola. She has taken courses in PhiBrows, Nadyb ink, and the Art and Science of Areola Tattoting. Noor continues to learn more to improve her skills in this career. Art has brought Noor closer to her community, connecting her to many other artists across the country. 

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