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Events & Workshops

Please join me in my upcoming workshops! All will be held at Nadyb Ink bar in Dearborn city, Michigan on a Sunday. Each workshop period can be between 5-8 hours . whether you're a beginner or an advanced artist, these workshops will offer new techniques, tips and tricks that will aid you to overcome at least one obstacle you deal with in your artistic journey, as well as gaining more knowledge from my personal experiences. Meet more artists from our community and connect! 


Painting with Noor
Basic Level-Artist Level
Sunday October 25th! :D
I will be sharing lots of my knowledge through
over 15+ years of my experience with painting and making art.
- Introduction to Art.
- Materials & Tools overview.
- Color Theory ( Mixing your own paint and creating your palette).
-  Learn the elements of design.
- Learn techniques to advance your skills.
- Layering paint and mediums. 
- Inspiration & mindset.
Henna Making and Application 
kit included

One on One private PMU training. 
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